• Cassava flour and starch are used as raw material in baked products such as breads, biscuits, crackers, pearls of tapioca, cream sandwiches
  • Cassava starch is used for food items as: thickener paste for soups, sauces, gravies, etc.
  • Binder and stabilizer for many processed food products (such as sausages and processed meat products)
  • Gelatinized products or manufactured into dextrose and glucose syrup as sweetening agents for confectioneries (candies, jellybeans, toffee, hard and soft gums, boiled sweets), caramel as coloring agent for food and beverages, and canned/preserved fruits
  • Raw material for the manufacture of MSG (monosodium Glutamate)
  • Raw material for the manufacture of beer products, alcohol, ethanol and vinegar
  • Raw material for the manufacture of vermicelli (“noodle” or “sotanghon”)
  • Starch based food products viz., noodles, macaroni, wafers etc

Corporate Objectives

Our Vision

  • To be the largest local processor of pharmaceutical and food grade industrial starch in Africa within the next five years of operation.


  • To provide a growing and reliable domestic market for Nigerian farmers and opportunity for farmers to enjoy some value added manufacturing and processing of their commodity harvest

Our Mission

  • This vision will be accomplish through aggressive focus on both technology and manufacturing efficiency


  • Achieve lower manufacturing costs reduction than competition through more efficient purchasing, lower labor costs, and more modern production equipment.


  • Operates at the high-quality, high-price end of the industrial starch market