• Filler contributing to the solid content of pills and tablets and other pharmaceutical products
  • Cassava starch is also a chemical raw material in manufacturing plastics and the tanning of leather, coating, sizing and adhesives, paper-making and textiles
  • Animal feed ingredient in the form of chips and pellets (common in Asia) cassava starch has unique properties, such as its high viscosity and its resistance to freezing, which make it competitive with other industrial starches
  • Cassava starch, chips and pellets can be further processed/fermented to produce fuel graded
    ethanol for blending with petroleum products

Corporate Objectives

Our Vision

  • To be the largest local processor of pharmaceutical and food grade industrial starch in Africa within the next five years of operation.


  • To provide a growing and reliable domestic market for Nigerian farmers and opportunity for farmers to enjoy some value added manufacturing and processing of their commodity harvest

Our Mission

  • This vision will be accomplish through aggressive focus on both technology and manufacturing efficiency


  • Achieve lower manufacturing costs reduction than competition through more efficient purchasing, lower labor costs, and more modern production equipment.


  • Operates at the high-quality, high-price end of the industrial starch market